Top Sites to See on Coronado Island

Coronado Island is one of the top coastal retreats in the West Coast, thanks to its beach-casual ambiance that attracts beachgoers and island lovers across the country.

In addition to recently being named the top beach in America by Dr. Beach, Coronado Island also evokes an old Hollywood feeling from its past, when it served as a glamorous vacation getaway for movie stars in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

On your vacation to Coronado Island, you’ll never run out of things to do. Be sure to visit our must-see sites below during your next stay at Coronado Beach Resort.

  • One of the very unique traits of Coronado Island is its history. Coronado is one of the oldest communities in San Diego, and has consistently served as a site for Navy families to live due to its proximity to the naval base stationed across San Diego Bay. The Coronado Historical Association has an exhibit called “Wings of Gold, Coronado and Naval Aviation,” which is a community-wide project that makes landmarks of the homes of all the naval aviators who once lived on Coronado Island. It is a great way to pay tribute to all of the aviators who fought for our country. Another part of Coronado military recognition is the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument.
  • Ferry Landing/ Tidelands Park is a spot on Coronado Island featuring some of the most scenic views of the San Diego skyline. Even if you’re not planning on taking the charming ferry ride to downtown San Diego, Ferry Landing is a great picnic spot or also a nice place to soak in the sunset. From Ferry Landing, you will have an excellent view of the downtown high-rises, Petco Park, as well as the famous Coronado Bay Bridge, a landmark of San Diego.
  • When many locals think of Coronado, they think of the architecture. One thing you can’t miss – and won’t miss – since it’s just feet away from the Coronado Beach Resort is the Hotel Del Coronado, which is a sprawling red and white Victorian-style hotel that opened in 1888. The Hotel Del is a National Historic Landmark featuring exhibits around it like the Dan McGeorge Gallery, with photographs to browse through. Also next to the Hotel Del is the Coronado Visitor Center in the lobby of the Museum of History and Art.
  • One quintessential aspect of Coronado is its theater district. There are various arts and entertainment centers such as the Lamb’s Players Theatre in the Spreckels building, the Village Theater and the Coronado Playhouse, all of which have plays and other live performances year-round. Spreckels Park is another great community park, which has free concerts during the summer.

There are always a number of new sites to see and activities to enjoy during your stay at Coronado Beach Resort. Call us today at (619) 522-6000 to begin scheduling your itinerary with one of our travel concierge specialists.

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