Did You Know Coronado Beach Resort Is Striving for Sustainability?

Coronado Beach Resort, like all the resorts in the Grand Pacific Resorts family, is committed to sustainability. How could we not be? All you have to do is stand on the rooftop deck overlooking the beach, and you’ll feel a sense of awe at all our world has to offer. We want to make sure future generations experience the same natural beauty when they visit Coronado Island.

It’s this sense of legacy that motivated Grand Pacific Resorts to go green years ago by making simple changes to our units, like installing low-flow showerheads and encouraging our guests and owners to recycle. We’ve done all that really well, but there’s been a shared feeling that we need to do more, and that’s what we’re working on now—taking our sustainability efforts to the next level.

Toward that end, we recently joined the San Diego Sustainability Circle led by True Market Solutions to bring in some outside ideas and partner with other local companies that have the same passion for green issues. It’s a six-month program, and at the end of it we’ll have a five-year action plan for Grand Pacific Resorts.

“The bad news is we are the most wasteful society on the planet—nobody disagrees with that,” says Elliot Hoffman, CEO of True Market Solutions, “The good news is we are the most wasteful society on the planet—we have an enormous opportunity to reduce our waste in all kinds of ways. It’s so engrained in our culture not to think about this, but we’re working with Grand Pacific Resorts and the other organizations in the Circle and ideally the associates to bring sustainability to your resorts, to your homes and families, to your guests’ homes and families, and to your communities. It’s not always easy, but the benefits for future generations are immeasurable.”

Grand Pacific Resorts also has an internal sustainability committee chaired by Amanda Dolan, the general manager at Coronado Beach Resort. The committee has grown in the past year to include 13 associates from different departments within the company. It meets regularly to implement new initiatives and raise awareness among associates, owners, and guests.

As Amanda explains, “There’s a big push for associate engagement and awareness. If you’re not living sustainably at home, you’re less likely to bring it into the workplace with you. My goal is to identify ways to speak to the associates at all levels, so they can see the opportunities every day and make sustainability important in their personal lives as well as at work.”

In the timeshare industry, we’re all about bringing multiple generations together. David Brown, our Co-President, often talks about how owners look forward to passing their ownership down to their kids and grandkids as a legacy. And ultimately, that’s what sustainability is all about—protecting our finite resources so they’re there for future generations.


For more information about Grand Pacific Resorts and its sustainability program, check out our Q&A with Elliot Hoffman at grandpacificresorts.com.




Due to our location in the heart of Coronado, please be aware that our resort experiences consistent noise from the local military base, nearby construction, and traffic along Orange Avenue.


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